Unlocking the potential in every child.


As the Inclusion Manager of a very large Primary school in the South of England it is my job to help every child to make the best of himself. This is my journey through the research, the hunt for effective practice, the quest for innovation and my experiences of ‘the system’.

Many moons ago, I read (mainly) neuroscience at Oxford and then gamely trained to teach. As every good teacher should be, I found that I was fascinated by the way children learn. Moreover, I discovered myself to be most interested in those who struggle to learn.

I have worked in mainstream schools, special schools and schools with additionally resourced provision. I have had the privilege of teaching with children with a plethora of diagnosed needs including; SEBD, ASD, ADHD, OCD, PDA, ODD, attachment disorders, callous-unemotional traits and SpLD. I have also come across many complex cases, some seemingly undiagnosable, but all needing to learn and grow.

There is much research yet to be done about neurocognitive development and it’s impact on educational practice and (I think) many improvements that need to be made to the SEN ‘system’. However, there is also much exciting work being done, much being added to the body of knowledge and great case studies of innovative practice out there.

Hopefully I will be able to share some of this.


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  1. Benedicte Symcox said:

    I’m really excited to follow your blog and learn all I can. Thanks for popping by mine – you’ll have gathered that I live at the parental end of SEN. We have a wonderful inclusion manager at the kids’ current school… if only the LEA were endowed with ears connected to brains, I’d be happy!!!

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